麻辣考研 考研资料 I found myself in an union as a friend and all of the women in which older

I found myself in an union as a friend and all of the women in which older

I found myself in an union as a friend and all of the women in which older

Iaˆ™ve been attracted by old dudes: Venus in Cap conjunct Sat in Capricorn

great post! We noticed most axis cap/cancer and 1st household 7th residence Saturn axis.

maybe for example, George Clooneyaˆ™s girlfriend, that Aqua sun/venus along with her cancers mars, show hoping an older, adult people. additionally, for cancer tumors sunrays, Jerry hallway has been a significantly elderly, richer guy, Rupert Murdoch, 85 years old. therefore, the cancer/cap axis is actually powerful.

This subjectaˆ™s truly interesting for me. I have Aquarius Venus (leader of 7th) opposite Saturn and Iaˆ™m attracted typically to younger men. One i like has stellium in Capricorn , but itaˆ™s a generation thing (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)aˆ¦ Itaˆ™s all conjunct inside the fifth household, Uranus becoming leader of seventh. Iaˆ™m trying to puzzle out could there be an adult woman inside the chart.:)

Iaˆ™m late into game, but yes, Capricorn Venus in virtually any of its signs (Saturn 7th, Venus Capricorn, Venus in facet to Saturn etc.). We have perhaps not as soon as truly appreciated anybody who arenaˆ™t considerably old or young than me. My personal best friends additionally, not merely my personal men (boys).

Itaˆ™s additionally amusing exactly how this is exactly appeared lower upon, as youaˆ™re best inside your money can buy if thereaˆ™s a years difference. Well yes, we wonaˆ™t state it’snaˆ™t a consideration, but mainly itaˆ™s more or less pertaining. We donaˆ™t associate with everyone my years. I prefer the organization men and women i could trust (older), or people I’m able to teach (younger). Those who can tame myself (older), or men and women I am able to acquire which help (younger). Thataˆ™s exactly how my relationships and close connections have invariably been.

Capricorn Venus in fourth sextile Saturn. We associate.

My personal partner is actually 12 age more than me, and many of my pals include old at the same time. I have sunshine rectangular Saturn, moonlight trine Saturn, Saturn inside the 5th, Aquarius 7th cusp.

I’ve malignant tumors sun, Venus square Saturn, Saturn within the first and Venus in the tenth. Iaˆ™ve never been keen on older people by itself (too-much baggage) but I ACTUALLY DO require aˆ?old soulsaˆ? which exhibit maturity, ambition, and obligations. This will be probably precisely why we skipped online dating inside my school age. ??

Iaˆ™m more than my hubby. He has got a Cap moonlight. We donaˆ™t believe he could possibly be in a relationship with a younger woman for just about any length of time. We realized him before Not by a lot of yearsaˆ¦.but these were older. As am I. His getting young doesnaˆ™t bother myself because he’s certainly elderly in most ways except his delivery go out.

Yep. We have a 19 years age space: I have a Saturn in Libra, in which he have their Venus in Capricorn.

I became partnered older women fun for 16 years to a guy 17 age my elder. When he stated, aˆ?While I have you I thought you will be taught. I read since I Became wrongaˆ?.

Thats a beneficial oopsaˆ¦ healthy for you

I omitted section of their remark. Here’s what he said, aˆ?whenever I got you I thought you’re youthful sufficient that you may be trained. We see now that I happened to be completely wrong.aˆ?

I know a man who is interested in older women: cancers Moon, Venus tightly conjunct and deciding on Saturn during the MC in Aries.

does moonlight when you look at the 4th house indicate one are interested in a great deal elderly ladies? curiousaˆ¦see this loads and wonder if itaˆ™s the moonlight thing

Yes. But there are more options could express at the same time.

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