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Teenager Texting Slang (and Emojis) Parents Should Know About

Teenager Texting Slang (and Emojis) Parents Should Know About

Just what grownups call texting, family phone talking. They talking on the phones via talk, social statements, snaps, posts, tweets, and drive messages. And they’re chatting normally — touch, touch, engage — just like music. In every this talking a language, or laws, emerges just as it has got for almost any generation just now that language is in acronyms, hashtags, and emojis. And while the jargon try completely comprehended peer-to-peer, it’s moms and dads googling in great amounts to understand it.

And this language changes all the time. It grows, contracts and certain acronyms and icons (emojis) can change in definition entirely after a while, which is the reason why we modify this list every occasionally.

This time we’ve put emojis (scroll to base) since those strong small graphic signs have singlehandedly converted real person communications, as we know it.

Harmless Banter

We create this checklist with an important reminder: teenager texting slang isn’t naturally worst or created with an intention to fool or damage. A lot of the conditions and signs bring surfaced as a type of smart shorthand for quick hands and also have no dangerous or high-risk meaning affixed. Therefore, if you should be keeping track of young kids’ cell phones or encounter references you don’t discover, believe the number one inside them (next, without a doubt, do your homework).

As an example, you will find lots of benign terms such finna (fixing to do things), yeet (a way to present enjoyment), skeet (let’s get), Gucci (big, amazing, or overpriced), AMIRITE (am I correct?) QQ4U (quick concern for your family), SMH (moving my personal mind), loaves of bread (cash), IDRK (I don’t actually know), OOTD (outfit throughout the day), LYAAF (adore you as a buddy), MCE (my crush each and every day), HMU (strike myself right up, give me a call), W/E (whatever), AFK (away from keyboard), RTWT (take a look at entire thread), CWYL (talk with your afterwards), Ship (commitment), CYT (view you tomorrow) roughly (mate).

The Warning Flags

Here are some ter ms and emojis that’ll not therefore innocent. These terms and conditions also can look as hashtags should you put a # icon facing all of them.

Prospective intimidation slang

Ghost = to ignore anyone purposely

Boujee = wealthy or performing rich

Drink teas = mind your own business

The tea is so hot = hot news

AYFKM? = are you currently f***ing joking me?

Thirsty = adjective describing a desperate-acting, needy people

Basic = irritating person, interested in shallow facts

Extra = outrageous, higher, dramatic individual

TBH = to be truthful (often accompanied by adverse commentary)

Zerg = to gang abreast of anyone (a video gaming label that contains morphed into a bullying phrase)

KYS = destroy yourself

SWYP = so what’s your condition?

182 = I hate your bend = to deny some body

Shade = throwing color, to put anybody lower.

POS = piece of sh**

WTF = precisely what the f***

Subtweet = making reference to somebody yet not using their term

Bizzle = another term for b***h

THOT or thotties = a promiscuous girl/s

YAG = you are homosexual

Cyber quite = stating someone merely is pleasing to the eye on line with filters

Beyouch = another phrase for b***h

IMHO = in my own sincere opinion

IMNSHO = in my own not so honest thoughts

NISM = requirement we state extra?

Prospective high-risk actions slang

Damaged = hung over

Pasted = high or intoxicated

Belfie = self-portrait (selfie) featuring the butt

OC = open-crib, party at my home

PIR = moms and dads within the space

9, CD9, Code 9 = parents right here

99 = parents gone

Smash = to possess casual sex

Slip into my DM = connecting through a direct information on a social media with sexual objectives

A3: Anytime, everywhere, anyplace

WTTP = would you like to trade photographs?

S2R = send to get (photographs) sugarpic = identifies an effective or sexual photo

TDTM = chat filthy in my experience

KMS = destroy myself personally

AITR = grownups from inside the space

KPC = keeping moms and dads clueless

1174 = receive to a wild celebration frequently accompanied by a target

Chirped Lubbock escort = had gotten caught

Cu46 = view you for sexTDTM = talking dirty to meLMIRL = let’s meet in true to life

GNRN = see nude now

Frape = Twitter rape; uploading to someone else’s account whenever they let it rest signed in.

NSFW = perhaps not not harmful to work (article should include nudity, etc)

Livingdangerously = getting selfies while travel or some other risky actions

Kik = let’s chat on kik quick message rather

Svv = self- harming actions

Nend sudes = a different way to state SN/send nudes

PNP = celebration and enjoy (medicines + sex)

Prospective drug-related slang

420, bud, tree = marijuana

Strike, mayo, white girl, rock, snow, yay, yale, yeyo, yank, yahoo = Cocaine

Unique K = ketamine, water tranquilizer

Pearls = a nicely rolled blunt

Dabbing = targeted doses of cannabis (started as a-dance trend)

DOC = drug of preference

Turnt upwards / turnt = high or intoxicated

Geeked right up = being highest

Club = Xanax product

Bar out = to bring a Xanax medicine

Baseball = crack cocaine

Azure Boogers = snorting Adderall or Ritalin

Pharming = stepping into medication cupboards to acquire medicines receive large

Oxy, advantages, vikes = opioids

Robo-tripping = taking in cough syrup receive highest

Tweaking = at the top of amphetamines

Wings = cocaine; heroin

Speed, crank, uppers, Crystal or Tina = meth

Red-flag emojis

Frog = an unattractive person

Frog + tea (java) mug = that is the tea (gossip)

Almost any green plant/leaves = marijuana

Maple leaf = marijuana

Smoking puff or fuel = have large

Person skiing = cocaine

Tablet = euphoria or MDMA for sale

Face with vapor from nose = MDMA drug

Rocket = high potency drug for sale

Diamond = crystal meth, break cocaine available

Blade + yelling face = phoning some body a psycho

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